Our new 2023-2024 church-wide Bible reading will be another two year plan (but not the same plan). This new Bible reading plan will be a chronological reading schedule. What is unique about a chronological Bible reading plan is that we will seek to trace the historical timeline through the Old and New Testaments and not just read through one book at a time. This means that we will, at times, read in different books of the Bible at the same time as multiple books may contain parallel timeframes. By reading through the Bible in this way, we can better realize where the Historical Books, say from the Old Testament, overlap with the Poetical Books or the Prophetic Books. Then, as we read from the New Testament, we can better grasp how some of the timing of the Apostolic Letters coincide with various episodes described in the Book of Acts.

The schedule for the chronological reading plan will consist of five daily readings per week and run every week for two years.  On average, each day’s reading will be two chapters.

A print-out of year one of our reading schedule will be available to pick up at church. A PDF copy is available below. A version that you can download directly into you iPhone calendar, will be available here

As we have done in conjunction with our previous Bible Reading Plan, Pastor Joe will attempt to do a daily posting through the church Bible reading google group. To sign up for this google group, please see Pastor Joe or call the church office.