In January, 2024, we will begin year two of our two year Bible Reading Plan. We began our current plan in January 2023. The plan that we are using is a chronological reading schedule, meaning that we are seeking to trace the historical timeline that runs throughout the Bible. Rather than just read through the Bible one book at a time, we often are reading through a couple books at the same time as they contain parallel timeframes.

Now that we are at the end of December 2023, while we are still in the Old Testament, we are halfway done with the reading plan we started this past January. So, starting in January 2024, we will complete the rest of the Old Testament by summer and begin the New Testament sometime in July, before we finish in December 2024.

The Bible reading schedule is available in two parts: part one has the readings that some read in 2023, while part two has the readings that others will read in 2024. But if you did not read part one in 2023, or you started but have not finished, I suggest that you consider starting (or restarting) with the part one reading schedule in January, 2024. Both schedules are available on the literature rack at church. The yellow and green copies are Year One, while the pink and blue copies are Year Two. A PDF copy is available below. A version that you can download directly into you iPhone calendar, will be available here

Both part one and part two consists of fifty-two weeks of reading with five daily readings per week. On average, each day’s reading will be two chapters.

If you are continuing with part two for 2024, Pastor Joe will continue doing a daily post through the church Bible reading google group. If you are not signed up for this and would like to, please call the church office. If you are starting part one in 2024, the previous posts from 2023 will be available on the church website. Here is the blog page that will soon have Year One posts.

Whether you start with part one or continue with part two, I hope you consider joining as we Journey Through the Scriptures together.

Pastor Joe