Posted by Joseph Braden

On the one hand, trained professionals might be best suited to train children; after all, the professionals have been properly oriented in the needed skills and expertise. However, trained professionals are not the best suited as the primary trainers of children; parents are. It may not seem the most efficient, but God has entrusted to parents the primary task of discipling their children. Wouldn’t you think that since God loves children so much, He wouldn’t assign their spiritual development to parents unless He was convinced that was the best route?

Timothy Paul Jones is an author as well as professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written about the inefficiency and yet the absolute necessity of parents taking an active role in the discipleship of their children. His article makes multiple observations that are so insightful for both parenting as well as church life.

I want to encourage you to read his excellent blog post:

Family Ministry: Shaping a Child’s Soul, a Task Too Important to be Turned Over to the Professionals

Joseph Braden, pastor