Posted by Joseph Braden

This weekend at FBC Saint Peters we will regroup in order to be readied for reaching out and remaining with. To that end, we are continuing our series Doxology: Doctrines for our Discipleship with the third of a three-part emphasis looking at the doctrine of Scripture entitled, Bibliology: The Glory of God Expressed in the Written Word.

This week will take us to John 5:30-47 as we consider Bibliology: The Glorious Story of God’s Word. Having looked at the origin and nature of God’s Word as well as its function and power, we are now in need of considering the point and plotline of God’s Word. What point does the Bible intend to make? What is its primary focus? We always must guard against a wrong understanding of what kind of book the Bible is. It is possible to be unbiblical in our use of the Bible.

As a part of the message this week, we’ll sing:

O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing

See you this weekend.