Posted by Joseph Braden

This weekend at FBC Saint Peters we will regroup in order to be readied for reaching out and remaining with. To that end, we are continuing our series Doxology: Doctrines for our Discipleship with the first of a three-part emphasis looking at the doctrine of Scripture entitled, Bibliology: The Glory of God Expressed in the Written Word.

This week will take us to Hebrews 4:1-16 as we consider Bibliology: The Glorious Function of God’s Word. God has spoken and His Word is not merely an ancient book of antiquity; it is alive and transformative. By giving us His Word, God readies us to become fully competent servants of God for every kind of good work. As we believingly read and meditate and study God’s Word, the old fleshly traits for Adam are exposed in us and the Christ-like qualities of holiness, humility, and love are being formed in us.

As a part of the message this week, we’ll sing:

Word of God, Across the Ages

See you this weekend.