Posted by Joseph Braden

Parenting is a particular kind discipleship. Moms and dads are called to love their sons and daughters. Part of loving children involves pointing them to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and to follow the Lord Jesus Christ as a disciple who learns to share Christ with others. As parents model both being shaped by the grace of God and thus being sent to spread the Gospel, children, in turn, can be better shaped by the grace of God and thus compelled to spread the Gospel.

Jason Dukes lives in Orlando, FL. where he pastors a church. He and his wife Jen run a blog to help equip moms and dads to grow kids with grace and send kids with gospel. The Dukes have written about four considerations for parents that focus on orienting children toward living out the Great Commission.

I want to encourage you to read his excellent blog post:

Four Suggestions for Parenting Sent Kids

Joseph Braden, pastor