Posted by Joseph Braden

God gifts followers of Christ with much grace; God calls followers of Christ to reflect much grace. Grace teaches us and changes us. One of the areas of life that we should be ever increasingly evidencing the difference that the grace of Christ makes in our lives is in our marriages. We can be tempted to think about our challenges in marriage in terms of what changes our spouse needs to make; however, Christ always first calls us to consider the changes we need to make. The grace of Christ calls and enables us to face our own selfishness, self-service, and self-righteousness.

Erik Raymond is a pastor in Omaha. He blogs regularly at Ordinary Pastor. I often benefit from his blogging. Erik writes a simple but important article about how the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has huge implications for marriage for the Gospel implications for our attitudes, expectations, and commitments are quite robust. The Gospel effects change in us and that change cannot but spill over in our marriage.

I want to encourage you to read his excellent blog post:

3 Ways the Gospel Changes Marriage

Joseph Braden, pastor