Posted by Joseph Braden

In recent blogs I have referenced how parents are called to disciple their children. God uses parents in the training and nurturing processes to introduce children to Christ and then to help them grow in Christ. But are children the only ones who can experience growth as a result of parenting? How does God use the work of parenting to grow parents? Just as God uses our marriages to shape His children into the image of Christ, God also uses our parenting for shaping us into the image of Christ.

Christina Fox is a wife, mother, and writer who blogs regularly. I was really encouraged by the particular post that I am referencing today, but I was helped by several of her articles and blog posts. She aptly reminds us that there is nothing more wonderful and yet humbling then the work of parenthood. But then she reminds us that grace comes in the context of humility.

I want to encourage you to read her excellent blog post:

The Sanctifying Work of Parenthood

Joseph Braden, pastor