We believe that Christ is the fulfillment, focus, and future of the message of Scripture. As such, we are a gospel-centered church, primarily magnifying and glorifying Jesus Christ – God’s precious gift of redemption for all mankind. We believe we are apart of the one, holy, universal Church. As a part of Christ’s Church, we have responsibilities to see Christ formed in each other and to benefit from joint encouragement and ministry with other gospel-believing churches around us. We believe that Christ compels His Church to engage their community and bring about change through a gospel-centered lifestyle.


Member Covenant

God, by His grace alone, has led us to repent of our sin and believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting Him alone as our only Savior. Having been baptized upon our profession of faith in Christ, we desire to joyfully and solemnly unite with this church family, living in a covenantal relationship with the members of this church for the mutual promotion of our Christian discipleship. For the glory of God, in humble reliance upon the gracious aid of the Holy Spirit, we specifically endeavor to do the following:

  • Faithfully attend the basic services of the church, acknowledging this level of participation to be our first ministry.
  • Diligently guard the truth, knowing and upholding the sound doctrines of the Bible.
  • Wholeheartedly support, love, and care for the church’s ministries and members by offering our prayers, our financial giving, and our service.
  • Devotedly address the needs of our own homes, upholding our marriage vows, rearing our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and honoring our parents.
  • Clearly bear witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, living a transformed life and proclaiming the Gospel as God gives the opportunity.
  • Actively pursue personal holiness before God, remembering to walk carefully in our culture, denying ungodliness, and refusing to be mastered by any drugs, food, drink, practices, and relationships that would dishonor Christ and compromise our allegiance to Christ.
  • Conscientiously promote the unity of our church, being a peacemaker in the body of Christ in the way that we love each other as Christ has loved us.
  • Respectfully follow the leaders of our church, trusting and supporting their leadership.
  • Humbly submit to our church’s discipline, graciously repenting when approached about sin and lovingly restoring others who become entangled in sin.

We agree to annually renew our commitment to this covenant, not merely assenting to its letter but loving its spirit. Moreover, when we physically move away from our church we commit to withdraw from this church’s fellowship and unite with another local body of Christ as soon as possible.